Network Objectives


The goal is to establish networks in every region of the NWT which supports activities and strategies that decrease tolerance of abuse and neglect, and support older adults to be safe and secure in their homes. The term ‘homes’ includes long-term care facilities, extended care, owned or leased private residences, and supported living facilities.

The objectives connected with this goal are to:

  • Promote education & awareness about abuse of older adults throughout the NWT
  • Support the development of Community & Regional Support Networks to respond to and prevent abuse of older adults
  • Encourage training in identification, intervention and prevention strategies for front-line services providers and caregivers
  • Maintain a communications strategy to address the issue of abuse of older adults throughout the NWT
  • Serve as a resource for information about referral and intervention services in the NWT
  • Seek funding the continue the work to prevent abuse of older adults
  • Establish linkages with other jurisdictions
  • Promote the development of an NWT strategy to prevent abuse of older adults
  • Explore and recommend appropriate legislative, policy, and other approaches to address abuse of older adults
  • Promote research into understanding and addressing risk factors and the root causes of abuse and neglect of older adults, as well as best practices in programs and services that support the victim and perpetrator
  • Advocate on behalf of older adults on the issue of abuse and neglect

For more information on the NWT Network, please see the Terms of Reference